deltaloopantenna.caYagis, Quad loop, Dipole, Delta loop, Phased arrays, Verticals and other assorted antennas have been used by hams for many years. Today, hams are purchasing commercially made antennas for their stations and are not learning about the art of electromagnetic radiation. In the past, the ham built their antennas which helped lower the cost for their hobby.
Ham Radio has been around for nearly 100 years and today the requirements for licensing has changed the hobby drastically.  The average ham when tested by today’s exams are not required to know the art of antenna design as was required in the past. Sophisticated antennas which are used today are now very expensive and in most cases out of reach for the ham operators budget. Hams in the past built their radios and antennas to save money but today a lot of that construction has been lost. Antenna companies for certain antenna designs still have a requirement that you must buy the whole antenna or that part will only fit their antenna system. Most radio equipment today is so sophisticated it is practically impossible to build a station to the standards for ham radio today at a low cost. There are a lot of ham operators that are appliance operators because of their minimal experience and knowledge about radios and antennas.

Today, it is still possible to have an antenna system that will perform with excellence and not break the bank if you build your antenna system yourself.
This site is dedicated to those experimenters who want to build DIY antennas at a low cost, a need to learn about antennas and be of their own design. Antennas are the final doorway to the electromagnetic ether which will complete that circuit to the other ham station. If you don’t have an antenna system, that expensive radio is worthless.

Today, it is possible to build that antenna and you don’t have to take out an mortgage. I have this idea that the ham radio operator can have that amazing antenna and that ham can say “I built it myself”.

We at deltaloopantenna.ca, specialize in building Delta Loop brackets. These brackets are welded with 5356 aluminum wire, which is best suited for 6061 T-6  aluminum alloy. Our brackets are supplied with stainless steel fasteners to combat severe weather conditions. Today, materials can now be purchased on the internet to complete the antenna project that will open that doorway to anywhere in the world. Another reward is ham operators can have hands on experience learning the science of electromagnetic radiation. It is a great feeling for the ham that calls a station and they actually hear your signal, that is one of those many rewards you get by building antennas for yourself. In the near future we will be marketing 2, 3, and 4 element Deltaloopantenna.ca kits for 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 meter bands. The shipping calculator is not working properly. When making orders, send me an email with your address, postal or zip code and I will send you the information for shipping costs from here to you.


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